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It is our belief that traditional orthodontists charge too much for products and services that the typical person does not want.  We believe that the typical person would rather straighten their teeth gently and discretely rather than with painful wires and brackets.  We also believe that the typical person gets annoyed sitting in waiting rooms waiting for the doctor to see them.  Finally, we believe the typical person wants to save thousands of dollars while still having in-person care from their doctor.

For all of these reason (and many more), we created ClearOrtho.  Rather than focusing on what was best for the doctor, we re-imagined what orthodontic care could be like when focusing on the patient.  While still providing in-person care from doctors who specialize in using the best clear aligners in the industry, the entire patient experience is streamlined to require as little time in the store as possible, while also saving the patient thousands of dollars on average.

The short answer is: Yes!

From simple cases to extremely complex, Invisalign is capable of performing all types of necessary teeth movements.  As a result, ClearOrtho has been able to provide treatment for 99% of all people who have come to us wanting Invisalign treatment.

The national average for Invisalign treatment is $6,000.  We believe this is far too expensive, and that patients should pay based on how complex their case is.  For that reason, our prices start under $3,000 and will be based on the complexity of your individual case.

To find out how complex your case is and how much your treatment cost will be, simply come in for a free digital scan so we can assess your individual treatment.

That's largely based on you.  Invisalign requires the patient to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours per day, every day.  If the patient is not compliant in wearing their aligners as prescribed, treatment can take much longer than necessary.

Assuming patients are compliant in wearing their aligners as instructed, most cases tend to average about 6 months for a mild case, 12 for a moderate case and 18 months for a complex case.

Not only is there a doctor on-site, but these doctors specialize only in Invisalign treatment.

By having doctors who specialize only in Invisalign treatment, our patients have an extremely high level of confidence that they will achieve the results they desire.

By specializing only in Invisalign treatment, we are able to leverage a process that is almost completely digital.  This process removes much of the overhead cost associated with traditional orthodontia.

We decided to pass those savings on to our customers in hopes that we will ultimately get even more customers.

We are not affiliated with Invisalign or Align Technology (maker of the Invisalign product).  Our in-store doctors are Invisalign providers; no different than any other orthodontist who provides Invisalign to their patients.

Yes.  If you have orthodontic coverage with your dental insurance, your insurance company most likely covers the cost of Invisalign treatment.  If you need help finding out for sure, just let us know and we can help you.

All treatments start with a free 3D digital scan.  Simply book an appointment here on our website and take that first step!

Easier To Clean

When you have braces, sometimes it can be difficult to give your teeth a good cleaning. Food gets stuck in areas that are hard to reach, which can lead to poor dental hygiene if not properly cleaned.  But Invisalign aligners are easy to pop out and clean. You won’t have to worry about flossing or brushing in between brackets and wires because Invisalign are completely removable. Being able to brush and floss like normal can go a long way in protecting your oral health over time.

No Food Restrictions

Orthodontists tell their patients not to eat certain foods or chew gum after they get their braces put on. Unfortunately, some patients ignore this and end up damaging their brackets or wires.  If you choose Invisalign, you won’t have to deal with any food restrictions. You can easily take Invisalign aligners off of your teeth, allowing you to eat whatever you want without damaging them.

More Comfortable

Any new appliance in your mouth may take some time to get used to.  However, Invisalign aligners are typically more comfortable than braces for two main reasons:

 - No Sharp Edges: Brackets come with sharp edges that can potentially irritate your cheeks.  Invisalign edges are smooth.

 - No Tightening: Braces need to be tightened by your orthodontist.  With Invisalign, you’re simply given multiple sets of aligners that you change every week.  Each aligner is slightly adjusted from the previous one.  You may feel a minor tightness when you put in a new set of aligners, but it shouldn’t last more than a day or two.

Fewer Trips to the Orthodontist

Braces require patients to visit the orthodontist multiple times to get their wires tightened.  On the other hand, patients with Invisalign are given multiple sets of aligners that they can simply change out on their own.  Although Invisalign patients still have routine orthodontist appointments to check on their progress, they aren’t as often as tightening appointments for braces, which are typically every 4–8 weeks.